The best seat to the most spectacular show in the galaxy.
Wind River Country
© Scott Copeland Images
© Jennie Hutchinson
“As the last ray of sunlight vanishes … the moon, black as ink,
is seen as if it were hanging in mid-air, surrounded by a crown of soft,
silvery light… Besides this ‘corona’, tongues of rose-colored flame …
shoot out from various points around the edge of the lunar disk.”
-Simon Newcomb, LL.D.
Circa 1878
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The Heart and Soul of The Great American Eclipse

Witness the Great American Eclipse in Wyoming’s wild and culturally rich Wind River Country. The path of totality passes right through Wind River Country—Fremont County, Wyoming. Immerse yourself in Native American culture and Western history while the moon passes before the sun. Stand at the base of immense rock walls while nature’s most awe-inspiring phenomenon unfolds. Experience dusk at noon from the saddle. Witness the Great American Eclipse from a Wyoming mountaintop with family or friends at your side. Explore Wyoming’s Wind River Country in the exciting days leading up to what is being called the “Great American Eclipse” and “National Eclipse” on August 21, 2017, while the moon casts its shadow on the Earth, and in the glowing days that follow.


August 21, 2017

Countdown to the BIG Event

Photo by Josh Milek

Prime viewing locations in Wind River Country

Absaroka mountains, Dubois, Bill Sancavage
Crowheart Butte Photo: Jennie Hutchinson

Dubois    photo by Bill Sincavage

Dubois (it rhymes with cowboys) will experience 2 minutes and 18 seconds of totality. This authentic cowboy town will be buzzing with unique experiences and lodging surrounding the eclipse, which you can find here. Expect a warm, welcoming atmosphere, stunning backdrop in the form of rugged mountains and dramatic badlands, and an unforgettable Wind River Eclipse experience.

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Crowheart    photo by Jennie Hutchinson

The community of  Crowheart shares its name with the nearby Crowheart Butte, the site of a battle between the Shoshone under Chief Washakie and the Crow in 1866, just a few years before the last total solar eclipse to pass over Wind River Country. Viewing locations are being developed in this significant part of Wind River Country. Please check back for more details.

Downtown Lander Wyoming
Ocean Lake

Lander   photo by Kyle Duba

The town of Lander will experience 1 minute and six seconds of totality and celebrate it all day long in festival style. Join an all-day viewing extravaganza in the historic Coalter Block and neighboring park, complete with live music, food trucks, local art, and plenty of excited eclipse viewers. Stick around after the eclipse for traditional Native American Indian dances and music and an evening street party with food, crafts, and a showcase of Wyoming bands.

Pavillion    photo by Casey Adams

Ocean Lake
The Ocean Lake Wildlife Habitat Management Area is a valuable breeding ground for thousands of waterfowl and a beautiful corner of Wind River Country. We highly recommend this area as it is along the central path, is easily accessible and public, has picnic areas and public restrooms, and very little obstructs views of the sky.

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Riverton    courtesy photo

The Rendezvous City is ready to gather together for this rare event. Expect festivities across town (check back for full details, and find some here). For 2 minutes and 13 seconds, the largest community in Wind River Country will slip into darkness, before returning to celebrations. 

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Boysen Reservoir Photo: Jennie Hutchinson

Shoshoni    photo by Jennie Hutchinson

The town of Shoshoni, situated almost directly on the path of totality, is eagerly preparing a great-big, small-town welcome and hospitality for you. Stay tuned for details about an in-town viewing area, camping opportunities, and catered food. 

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Wind River Indian Reservation Photo: Jennie Hutchinson

Wind River Indian Reservation      photo by Jennie Hutchinson

Wyoming’s Wind River Country is home to the seventh largest Indian reservation in the country. Encompassing more than 2.2 million acres, it is home to the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho tribes who are working to identify locations at which they will welcome guests for special gatherings centered around the Wind River Eclipse. Access on the Wind River Indian Reservation will be limited, and trespassing on tribal land can only be avoided with permission and a permit. We recommend making your plans through one of the casinos:

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Three Reasons to Visit Wind River Country for the Eclipse


Wind River Country is in the path of totality

The center of the eclipse’s path of totality—where the moon completely blocks out the sun for the longest length of time—will pass right through Fremont County/Wind River Country.    photo by Scott Copeland


Clear Skies

Historic weather data from the U.S. National Climatic Data Center show that Riverton is overcast only 8% of the time on August 21, and that on average there is a 0% chance for scattered clouds.



Vast Vistas

Plan a whole vacation and take in our outdoor adventures like hiking, rock climbing, boating, exploring Native American culture, diving into Western history and experiences, and so much more. Come early to find the perfect overlook or meadow from which to take in the celestial show, and stay after to find more of the Earthly treasures Wind River Country offers. 


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