Where To Visit During Summer 2018

Summer is nearby, and a lot of you must be thinking of where to spend your three-month holiday full of sun. The choices are endless, and we’re here to help you sort out the best countries to visit this summer. If you’re worried about budgeting, take a look at Voucher Select for amazing travel promos. Here are a few countries that we think are worth visiting for this year’s summer holiday.


If you haven’t seen the beauty of Santorini, you need to. For a preview, you can always watch the all-time classic Mamma Mia movie which was shot entirely in Greece. Greece also has a lot of beautiful off-the-coast islands that you can travel to with a speed boat. For a little bi of partying, you can head on to Mykonos as it offes the best nightlife in all of Greece. You can also look for a historical tour of the Greek Gods, or taste the amazing cuisine.



Moving on to Asia, Thailand is one of the most underestimated travel destinations for summer. Phuket is particularly an amazing destination, as it offers clean and beautiful beaches along with exciting beach parties during the night. You can also head on to Bangkok for a little bit of shopping, as Bangkok has the best retail prices in Asia. So remember to pack just half of your luggage when you go to Thailand so you can fill the other half from what you’ve shopped in Bangkok!


Ah, Indonesia. The country with a thousand and more tropical islands, unknown by most of the world. If you’re looking for a more touristy destination, you can go to the Island of Gods itself, Bali. Bali not only offers luxurious beaches and resorts, they also have a lively nightlife and tropical forests. You can also opt for secluded islands in Indonesia such as the Weh Island or Gili Air. Rest assured you won’t be short of options when you go to Indonesia for a little bit of island hopping.


Going right to North Africa, we have the very diverse Morocco. With European and Arabic influence all in one country, you can bet you’d have the best cuisine when you travel there. There aren’t a lot of beaches, but the villas and resorts will offer the same kind of tropical holiday experience. If you’re a little more adventurous, try doing the famous hookah and take some selfies!


SeaWorld park

SeaWorld for the Disabled

The holiday season is coming. So, prepare yourself with a list of activities to do with the whole family. When you are in Orlando, Florida or when you are planning to visit Orlando, Florida for vacation purposes or any other reasons, you can find that there are a lot of places you can visit with the whole family that are very family-friendly. One of the places that are fun for the whole family is SeaWorld. This park can be enjoyed by the entire family. No matter how old you are, whether young or old, this place can be enjoyed by everyone.

Even when traveling with a disabled, or when you are disabled, you can enjoy the wonders of SeaWorld and what it has to offer. In this article, we will discuss some things that you need to know about SeaWorld for the disabled.

Getting around

mobility scooterSeaWorld in Orlando, Florida is a marine zoological park and theme park that is spread across 81 ha of land. That is a very large area of land to explore and roam around in. When you are disabled or when your mobility is impaired, it can be quite challenging to get around. When getting around, you can use wheelchairs and scooters. There are lots of places where you can rent a scooter near SeaWorld Orlando to help accommodate you. In the park, there are parking spaces available, so don’t worry.

Special access

SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida has special programs that assist and accommodates guests who have disabilities. Their program that is called Ride Accessibility Program, or RAP, help match your individual abilities to the requirements of each of their rides. When you join the RAP, you will have the privilege to receive special access by participating in the Special Access Program. This program helps guests who have disabilities queue for attractions since some of their lines do not necessarily accommodate the ones who are mobility-impaired.

Hearing impairment accommodations

hearing accommodationRegarding assistance for the ones who are impaired in terms of their hearing, SeaWorld has several accommodations. These accommodations include text telephone devices, assistive listening devices, sign language interpretation, as well as show scripts. When you want to use these accommodations when you want to visit SeaWorld in Orlando, it is best that you contact SeaWorld Orlando for reservations before your visit. Some of these accommodations are also available at their Guest Services, which you can find at the front of the park.


Five Hints For Hiring A Boat In South Florida

When you think about cruising on a boat, you probably think its only for the filthy rich. Well, that is the image that watching too many Hollywood movies has built in our minds. However, the surpassing news is that you don’t have to part with an arm and a leg to book a yacht. If done correctly, renting a boat can be exciting and lots of fun. In fact, you might even consider hiring one every weekend at South Florida Boat Rentals.

With so many firms offering a broad range of options to choose from, booking a boat can prove to be an uphill task and even frustrate sometimes. While its true that a significant fraction of yacht rentals provide almost similar services and rates, doing your homework will help you to make a sound decision.

Before you settle for the services provided by any boat rental company you need to put some basic things into consideration. The pointers as discussed below will help you book a boat that will suit your requirements.

Size of boat

The size of the boat you will choose will depend on factors like the waterway, the number of people you wish to travel with, boat rentals just to mention a few. Pick a company that can match your requirements and offers an exceptional solution. Also, do some research about the different types of boats available before renting one. For instance, you will discover that a deck boat or bowrider is great for touring while a pontoon is ideal for big crowds. And that is not all. If you like fishing, then a fishing boat will be perfect for your case. Make sure that the rental company in question is aware of your requirements and make the best match possible.

Rental agreement

A rental agreement plays a significant role in your trip. Review it closely because it varies from one rental company to the other. Some firms might have limitations when it comes to how far you can travel from the port. Others might restrict you from the operation of boats during the night and much more. Don’t forget to check what the policy says about the cancellation of trips due to bad weather.


The rental company’s liability coverage has to be included in the agreement. In most cases, the travelers or tourists agree to bear responsibility in the event of any mishaps regardless of the cause. This might also include damage to the boat as well as motor. So take your time to go through the agreement to avoid nasty surprises.


Have you decided on the budget already? You should create a budget based on the number of people you wish to travel with to your chosen destination. If you don’t have much money to spend, then a houseboat will be a great option for a group. They can add life to your yacht party with amazing onboard features liked music, barbecue grill, air-conditioned areas, equipped kitchens and much more.


Check the crew of the yacht in question so that you avoid having a bad experience during your trip because of unprofessional staff. The crew has to be professional and provide first class service. Apart from service, they should also ensure the safety of your guests and their belongings.

kayaking 223

Choosing The Best Kayak Paddle

A kayak paddle you use determines success or failure in your paddling experience. Thus, there is need to shop for a perfect kayak paddle. Some of the key features to look out for to find the best kayak paddle include blade shape, shaft length, the material used, among others. That said, here are some of the aspects to consider when shopping for this device.

Factors to consider when buying a kayak paddle

Paddle length

kayak paddle 33

Boat size and one’s height are the major factors influencing the paddle size you choose. If you are using a wide boat, then you should settle for a long paddle. On the other hand, if your boat is narrow, a small paddle will serve you best. Concerning height, if you are tall then you should settle for a long paddle, if you are short, then a small paddle is ideal.


The material used to make the blade and the shaft determines the effectiveness of the kayak paddle you buy. In most cases, blades are made of carbon-fiber, fiberglass, or plastic material. Each of these materials has its unique benefits and drawbacks. As such, it is important to bear this in mind when making a purchase. Besides paying close attention to blade material, you have to consider shaft material.

Blade design

When it comes to blade design, asymmetrically shaped blades are the best. This is because it has a uniform surface are that makes it easy to push water. Asymmetrical designs are common compared to other designs. Other designs include spoon and dihedral, narrow, and wide blade types. All these designs have a unique feature and their application during kayaking. Therefore, it is vital to know define your needs before choosing either of these designs.

Shaft design

waters 2This is another essential aspect to consider when buying a kayak paddle Shafts can either be straight or bent. A bent paddle allows one to enjoy comfort and minimal joint fatigue when it is stormy. Kayaking paddle shafts can also be two or four pieces. This aspect influences the ease of storage. Finally, shafts can be small or standard diameter wise. A well-sized paddle should allow your thumb and index figure to be in contact when kayaking.


Feathering refers to the act of posting your blades at opposite angle when it is windy. This helps to create resistance. The kayak paddle you choose should allow feathering. In addition, it should let you adjust the feathering angle easily.

Packing for A Business Trip

When going fo a business trip, it is hardly the same as going on a vacation. Business trips require semi-formal to formal clothes, and you often have to pack lightly because you might have to move a lot. For a lot of people, packing for a business trip can be confusing because of this. Here are some ways to pack for a business trip efficiently.

Get the right bag

As said before, a business trip is not a holiday. You need to fit as much stuff in your luggage as possible, and it would be good to have baggage that doesn’t break easily. Luggage such as the delsey luggage can withstand the usual abuse of a traveler. The inner part of this luggage has two large containers, which enables you to store your toiletries and chargers efficiently. It is also 100% polycarbonate, which makes it lighter. These kinds of luggage are perfect for business travelers.

Bring the essentials only

You won’t need those pair of short pants or sneakers on a business trip because let’s face it; you might not have time to take a stroll around the resort. It’s always a good idea to check out the itinerary for the business trip and pack your clothes per day. If there’s a two-hour break, decide what you want to do beforehand and pack clothes for that. Don’t pack things like swimsuits if you’re not sure if you’re going to swim, or an extra pair of heels if you really only need one. Packing light is key to the perfect business trip.

Pack efficiently to save space

There are various methods on how to pack as many things inside a suitcase as you can. The most popular one is the rolling instead of folding technique. There are video tutorials online that will show you how to roll your clothes without wrinkling them, and it saves a lot more space than if you fold them. If you’re still worried your nice suits being wrinkled, you can do this technique when you pack for going home, so you can fit more souvenir in your luggage. You can also invest in compressor bags, which is useful if you want to pack that jacket but it takes too much space in the suitcase.

Weigh your luggage

If you’re traveling by plane, you should check your plane tickets so that you know the maximum weight allowed for your luggage. If you have an economy ticket, it is usually no more than 30 kilograms. Make sure you weigh your bags so that you won’t have to pay an extra fee, and if it is overweight try to carry some to store in the cabin.

foreign travel

Essentials to Prepare for Traveling Abroad

If you ask most people about traveling abroad, they tell you to get your passport, and that is the only thing you will need for documenting yourself at border points. However, you also need many other things before traveling abroad, and this article is all about getting you prepared. The guide gives you the necessities, and you can always modify the exact format you use for their specific travel needs. Here are the essentials to prepare for traveling abroad.

You need the right visa

passport readyMost people going to Europe assume that the Schengen visa has them covered. Unfortunately, some countries are not strict members of the EU, and they do not accept the Schengen visa alone. You also need a visa to visit them individually. In other cases, people are ignorant of the semi-autonomous nature of some countries and thus make a mistake of getting one visa when they need two. It can be very embarrassing and stressing when you have your destination in another country and realize when it is too late that you cannot make it.

Get the medications and vaccinations

Most embassies will offer information to travelers regarding the vaccinations needed to visit their countries. Some travel agencies are also courteous enough to offer the same. However, you must take the initiative of asking around for what is relevant. Meanwhile, you must evaluate your health condition and that of the people you are traveling with such as children. You need to know their medications, especially for allergies. While traveling, you may not have access to chemists and doctors for many hours. Going on a trip abroad with children may also require you to get a first aid kit that fits into your luggage.

Socket adapters

Your phone is part of you, and you need it at all times when you are abroad. Your phone without a charge is just a brick. Take multiple chargers so that you can charge it in the car, on the wall-socket and just about everywhere. Some people are clever enough to carry solar chargers when they are going for summer holidays so that they can charge their phones even when they are on the beach.

Change your money

foreign moneyChanging your money in a country that you know well is good. You speak the language and understand the differences between prices for forex traders at different locations in the city. Doing that in a foreign country that speaks a foreign language is hard. Besides, you might not get the best rates abroad. Changing money early also saves you time and allows you to take advantage of price differences at duty-free shops at airports that you visit while in transit.

Pick the longest flight first

When traveling through connecting flights, make sure you buy the ticket with the longest flight first. That way, you reduce the potential for delays. Most long flights are prone to delays due to weather conditions. Once you take off, you are mostly set to arrive on time. The shorter flights will delay for a few hours maximum and you will not need to spend so many hours missing activities at your travel destination.

how to travel on budget

Simple Tips on How to Travel on a Budget

Traveling is an experience worth striving for because of the precious memories it impacts people’s lives. Traveling is the best way to spend leisure time, and that is why traveling demand continues to grow exponentially. Traveling when you do not want to break the bank in a financial sense can be difficult. You need money for your upkeep. You also need to pay for tickets and any of the extras that you are having as you move around the world. There are many ways of cutting costs for your travel, but some of them do not allow you all the luxury of memories that you intend to indulge in while traveling. Thus, this article gives you a straightforward guide on how to travel on a to travel

Keep your luggage small

The first cost factor when travel is the cost of luggage. You might argue that you are using the bus and so the luggage is not an issue. Unfortunately, heavy luggage gives you an awkward proposal whenever you are seeking help. Thus, you will find that you always have to pay for any assistance that you get. You pay for extra space on the plane. You also pay for any help on the street you get from passersby since the things you carry are too heavy.

Use the fastest options

Many people assume that traveling on a budget would require them to use the bus and possible walk some distances. It is a good premise. Unfortunately, time is also money. Therefore, the savings you make on time can really help you out in the long run. You just need to find a smarter way of traveling fast and also paying a low rate. For instance, you should fly instead of driving whenever you have a chance. You save hours that you can use to recuperate in your budget hotel or BnB option. Meanwhile, those who take all the time on the road end up tired. They also miss the most attractions in their visit to a destination. When you fly and use a cab instead of going for the bus, you arrive early, enjoy the visit and get on with the travel. You save time, and you probably save money because you can schedule your visit to coincide with the offers available.

Travel off-peak

traveling on budgetOffpeak rates are insanely cheap. They can be 30% the value of on-peak rates. Be the judge. Just can see the same action at a fraction of the cost, and enjoy the luxury. Make a point of asking about the off-peak rates for any service that you pay for at the destination. Make a mental note and use it next time when you are in the same destination. Another trick for offpeak traveling is to remain flexible with your travelling schedule. Sometimes offpeak hours are at night or early in the morning depending on the occasion. If it is a season, some off-peak times can be in summer and autumn. Being flexible allows you to get the best rates available anywhere.

Shop around for discounts

Shopping for a discount is tiresome. You should only do so when you stand to gain significantly. For instance, you can shop for discounts on plane tickets but do not do it for cupcakes. Have a mental return on investment. Remember, time is also money, and one of the tips in this article was to get there fast to save time and use it to enjoy more so that overall you have better value for each dollar you spend.